By the members, for the members

LEAD Network is a grassroots volunteer-driven organisation. We currently have 400+ volunteers in 300 roles, who are working together to build the LEAD Network and provide value to our Members and Partners. If you would like to join the LEAD Network team of volunteers, we are looking for individuals who are leaders with a passion for driving gender equality, are autonomous, have team spirit, and are action oriented. Volunteering is a great way to build your leadership skills, contribute to a bigger cause and grow your network.

We are always looking for volunteers to join one of our 10 Country Chapters (BeLux, France, Germany, NetherlandsRomania, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and UK), our three Functional Chapters (Digital, Sales & Buying and Supply Chain), the NextGen Chapter or our Central Membership, Marketing or Education Committees. Volunteers are expected to dedicate between 2-4 hrs per week on average. However, if you’re not able to spend this much time but still want to be involved, we also look for support on specific projects that are often more short-term.

If you are interested helping us make a difference, reach out and we can share with you what specific skills and support we are looking for to complement our teams.

For more information about volunteering for LEAD, please contact Jo Haffenden at