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Welcome to the France Chapter of LEAD Network

We are a team passionate about Diversity & Inclusion led by Cynthia Merope, Marketing & Offer Director, Metro France, Chair of the France Chapter, and Markus Sandmayr, General Manager, Danone Specialized Nutrition France, Vice-chair of the France Chapter.

Our Chapter’s mission is to promote women’s advancement and development in the retail and consumer goods industry in France.

To do so, we think that there are three important pillars that we need to focus on:

  • How to build an enabling ecosystem for the advancement of women in their companies
  • How to help women gain self-confidence and become the leaders of their careers
  • How to create and operate a network for career opportunities within the industry & retail


Cynthia Merope

Marketing & Offer Director,
Metro France

Vice Chair

Vice Chair

Markus Sandmayr

General Manager Specialized Nutrion,
Danone France


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Women managing the pandemic is a source
of inspiration and legitimacy on a giant screen
for all leaders worldwide!

Dominique Ringler – Founder of the consulting & coaching firm, Wingsfromwithin

The feeling of imposture, the unattainable need for perfection, the fear of showing one’s emotions and appearing vulnerable, the fear of judgment, and the feeling of guilt that accompany making difficult decisions, are all obstacles to women leaders. These fears and sentiments subvert the influence of their talents and hinder their deep and unique power.

Let’s talk about assertiveness

In this video, a dialogue takes place between Béthanie Surget, relational communication coach, specializing in neurosciences and Latifa Gahbiche, CEO of CHEP France and CHEP Morocco. Latifa tells us about her career as a leading and assertive woman: “we all have the right to be happy ”.

France Chapter Webinars

Diversity & Inclusion: experience sharing about unconscious bias

Recruiting for Balance

De l’importance de développer son réseau professionnel

(French spoken)

Recruiting for Balance


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Diversité & Inclusion dans le Retail et la grande consommation : Partage d’expériences!