Life Lessons

Leading women from the CPG and retail industry share their career journeys

LEAD Network initiative 2019

Since the founding of LEAD Network back in 2011, we’ve had the privilege of listening to a huge spectrum of successful women talking about their working lives and experiences – at our events, in video interviews and in writing. We wanted to mark our London 2018 conference by collecting some of their insights in Life Lessons, LEAD Network’s first book. This is not a publication you can buy online or in a bookstore, but an exclusive collection for our members, sharing stories from inspirational women you may know personally.

In Life Lessons, our thirty-five contributors talk honestly and openly about how they achieved career success, how they overcame barriers along the way, and what advice they would give to their younger selves if they could travel back in time to the beginning of their working lives. The women come from many different countries and cultural contexts, and yet their stories contain significant common threads: the need
to overcome self-doubt, the importance of mentors and role models, and a belief in our ability to change things through passion and hard work.

I’ve found these voices immensely inspiring and I hope you do too. Please do share Life Lessons with colleagues, with new recruits to your company and with people you are mentoring. It is only by learning from each other’s perspectives that we will build a stronger network and advance towards our vision of a truly diverse industry where progression to leadership roles is based on merit, not on gender.


Christina Taylor,
Chair of LEAD Network Education Committee