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Nurturing our partners | Run by our members for our members|
Committed to act, “doing not trying” | Excellence in execution|

LEAD Network is a dynamic non-profit volunteer-led organisation, run by and for our members. With a focus on promoting gender equality, we strive for the advancement of women from all backgrounds.

Our team supports the corporate partners and members of the LEAD Network with energy, passion, and humility, all underpinned by a drive to achieve gender equality in our industry and beyond. We thrive in a fully remote working environment, and welcome members, partners, volunteers, and staff members from across Europe and the globe.

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Training Coordinator – contractor status (on hold)

Working at LEAD gives meaning and the feeling I am there on the frontline of changing the world. Early on I have been passionate about women leadership.

With LEAD Network I am able to bring this passion to life. I truly enjoy working with professionals, many of whom volunteers, who are dedicating their time following the call beyond pay. It truly creates a special environment and gives a “special sauce” to all we do day to day.

Volunteering for the LEAD Network means a great opportunity to expand my network, get inspired by amazing leaders, know to be abetter manager, and build a stronger team by appreciating gender diversity and the multiple benefits that bring to my organization and me. During my time at the LEAD Network, I’ve had the chance to exchange experiences and learnings with great industry leaders and met many colleagues around the globe with similar interests. It is an extreme payback for a small contribution to make the world and the industry better and fairer.”

I believe that in a rapidly globalizing and interconnected world, encompassing gender diversity and a multicultural environment will lead to the diversity of ideas, thoughts, and innovations which are necessary for businesses and societies to thrive. I work for LEAD Network because it is a platform of like-minded thinkers to foster gender & cultural diversity in the Retail and Consumer Goods industry. Through my work, I hope to encourage more people to participate in diversity discussions and openly champion this cause within their organizations.

In the past two years, we experienced low energy levels, balancing professional and family life was challenging, and social life was limited. And this was when I started to #volunteer in the Marketing Committee actively. It has been an amazing journey full of new learnings, inspirational discoveries, small and big victories in the course of projects where I was privileged to be involved.

I’m endlessly grateful to all the women and men that I’ve met in this network. To contribute to the LEAD Network mission fulfils my days with greater meaning! Thank you, LEAD Network, for existing!