Gold Partners

General Mills

We are excited to partner with the LEAD Network in its mission to attract, retain and advance women in the retail and consumer goods sector in Europe.”

Catherine Sinclair, Regional HR Director
Asahi Breweries Europe Ltd

I strongly believe that creating an inclusive and diverse environment will drive our growth as a business, as teams and as individuals. Through inclusiveness we will create a working environment where our individuality is celebrated and where we can be confident that our views and actions matter. Only then can each and everyone of us feel empowered to make a difference in the way we work to deliver innovative thinking and grow our business forward. We aim to empower our people to bring impact directly and connect Inclusive Diversity more to the business at the local level. Partnering with LEAD will help us do just that and help us even further to enhance our networks and share best practices amongst the Retail and CPG industry groups.”

Bridgette Heller, Executive Vice President, Early Life Nutrition and Advanced Medical Nutrition,

“For General Mills, our success is rooted in deeply understanding the lives of our increasingly diverse consumers – that’s only possible through building a diverse workforce that reflects those consumers. We’re proud to make food the world loves, and creating an undeniable culture of belonging enables us to keep doing that. Inclusion for us is more than doing the right thing – it’s critical to our business. That’s why we pledge to ensure equity for all and a safe environment to celebrate what makes us all unique. Our vision to create an undeniable culture of belonging means we want all voices to be heard and valued, for each of us to feel truly appreciated for being ourselves at work. A key part of our D&I strategy is advancing women in their careers and increasing female representation in leadership roles. I am proud that we are actively supporting the LEAD Network to advance women, both across our organisation as well as within the retail and consumer goods industry.”

Dana McNabb, Group President, Europe & Australia,
General Mills

GSK supports the LEAD Network because we know that diversity drives innovation, performance and trust. The positive feedback from our partnership in the US has now resulted in a European initiative whereby we will connect 100 GSK men and women with their colleagues in over 70 retailers and 130 FMCH/G companies. Let’s bring the outside in, let’s embrace diversity , let’s talk about it and let’s make this an even better place to work .”

Line De Decker, VP HR, Europe and Americas,
GSK Consumer Health

“I am proud to partner with the LEAD Network and committed to the CEO Pledge Kimberly-Clark signed earlier this year. Kimberly-Clark’s business success is intricately tied to creating workplaces, communities, and experiences where inclusion and diversity are evident and thriving. Now is the time for us all to take action and drive permanent and positive change.”

Olena Neznal, Vice-President Kimberly-Clark Professional EMEA

“In line with our Purpose and values, we strive to make gender equality and women’s empowerment an integral part of the way we do business”

Marie Dousova, VEVEY, Zone EMENA Sales & Customer Management