Gold Partners

“Diverse teams empowered to thrive in an inclusive environment are key to unlocking sustainable business growth – because diverse teams help us develop stronger ideas that deliver better results. AB InBev is committed to a work environment that is both diverse and inclusive, where our people feel comfortable being their authentic selves at work every day. We are on a journey. We know we have significant gaps to fill. Therefore, I am thrilled for AB InBev to partner with the LEAD network to connect, collaborate and learn to accelerate our progress.”


Lynn de Proft, Global Procurement Vice President of Commercial & Indirect,
AB InBev

I strongly believe that creating an inclusive and diverse environment will drive our growth as a business, as teams and as individuals. Through inclusiveness we will create a working environment where our individuality is celebrated and where we can be confident that our views and actions matter. Only then can each and everyone of us feel empowered to make a difference in the way we work to deliver innovative thinking and grow our business forward. We aim to empower our people to bring impact directly and connect Inclusive Diversity more to the business at the local level. Partnering with LEAD will help us do just that and help us even further to enhance our networks and share best practices amongst the Retail and CPG industry groups.”

Bridgette Heller, Executive Vice President, Early Life Nutrition and Advanced Medical Nutrition,

We are excited to partner with the LEAD Network in its mission to attract, retain and advance women in the retail and consumer goods sector in Europe.”

Catherine Sinclair, Regional HR Director
Asahi Breweries Europe Ltd

GSK supports the LEAD Network because we know that diversity drives innovation, performance and trust. The positive feedback from our partnership in the US has now resulted in a European initiative whereby we will connect 100 GSK men and women with their colleagues in over 70 retailers and 130 FMCH/G companies. Let’s bring the outside in, let’s embrace diversity , let’s talk about it and let’s make this an even better place to work .”

Line De Decker, VP HR, Europe and Americas,
GSK Consumer Health

“In my own experience, networks such as LEAD are pivotal for developing female talent. Firstly, they give women access to truly inspirational females who have rocked their careers whilst also balancing family/home life. Secondly, they provide an all-important “external perspective” and the opportunity for LEAD members to keep up with industry trends, which is becoming increasingly important in driving excellence. Finally, the reach of the network makes it possible to enjoy making new contacts and gain the confidence that comes with putting yourself out there externally.”

Nicole Zube, Senior Director, HR – European Talent & Diversity
Kellogg Company

“At Kimberly-Clark our vision is to have an organization that looks, thinks and behaves like the people who buy and use our essential products in their daily lives. Our core consumers are women; they make the majority of buying decisions in their homes, so ensuring our workforce is reflective of our consumers and communities is a business imperative. We have to be intentional about recruiting, developing and retaining women leaders – it’s the only way to truly drive change in the workforce, and that’s why being a member of the LEAD Network is so important to us.”

Tina Busch, Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion,
Kimberly-Clark Corporation

“At Mars, we are strongly committed to supporting a work environment that enables our “Associates” to be themselves at work. Embracing the diversity brought by our “Associates” is at the core of our culture. I am excited to continue our collaboration with the LEAD Network as our partner to learn from each other and thrive together. I am convinced that we can jointly contribute to step change diversity & inclusion in our industry.”

Myriam Cohen-Welgryn, Regional President Mars Petcare Europe

“Those who want to translate consumer needs in management decisions, cannot ignore diversity. The conditions are favourable: There are plenty of women in the talent pipelines.”

Veronika Pountcheva,
Senior Vice President METRO AG

As corporate members of LEAD Network and playing an active role locally, we strongly believe that actions speak louder than words and strive continuously to create the gender equity necessary in the work place to bring about equality between the sexes in society as a whole. We wholeheartedly agree with and actively support the LEAD Network’s vision that the advancement of women in leadership roles is necessary to face actual business challenges. After all the valuable work which our LEAD Network Turkish Chapter has put in over recent years, I am happy and proud to announce that next year’s event is to be held in our home city of Istanbul, Turkey. For those of you who have already visited this wonderful place, I am sure this will be a welcome opportunity to return and for those of you who haven’t, it is about time you sampled our food, culture, and history at the meeting point of Europe and Asia.”

Özgür Tort , CEO of Migros Ticaret A.Ş., Consumer Goods Forum Co-Chair

“As a leader, I believe that if you do not understand people, you do not understand business. Our industry is not about making packaging that helps keep food fresh to ensure families can enjoy mealtimes together. It’s about the people whom make our product and how they interact every day in their work environment.

Sean Cairns, Vice President and General Manager – Consumer Product Europe

“Embracing diversity in all its forms is business critical for Unilever. The good news: we are on track to reach gender parity among managers by 2020. Since 2010, our percentage of female managers has increased from 38% to 49% in 2018. Is it enough? No. Of our very top managers, only 27% are female. So, we still have a lot to do. Our partnership with the LEAD Network will help us to advance and retain female talent, by learning from best practices in our industry and by having access to a great pool of role models and mentors. Therefore, I’m thrilled for Unilever to become a LEAD Gold Partner, and I look forward to taking action together.”

Hanneke Faber, President Unilever Europe and Member of the Unilever Executive team
Member of the Advisory Board of LEAD Network