Advisory Board

Helayne Angelus
Member in perpetuity
Co-Founder, LEAD Network
& Lifetime Partner Kalypso

Mick Broekhof
Member in perpetuity
Co-Founder, LEAD Network

Cécile Beliot,
CEO, Bel Group

Elaine Bowers Coventry
Chief Customer and Commercial Officer,
The Coca-Cola Company

Paul Campbell
Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Europe,
PepsiCo Europe

Béatrice Dupuy
President & General Manager for France, Belgium, Luxemburg & the Netherlands, Procter & Gamble

Charmaine England
Chief Growth Officer, Kenvue

Sharon Jeske
Ex-Officio member (3 years)
Former Executive Director, LEAD Network

Noel Keeley
CEO, Musgrave

Wouter Kolk
CEO Europe and Indonesia, Ahold Delhaize

Pascal Montilus
EVP End to End Supply Chain,
Global Hygiene & Operations Reckitt

Olena Neznal
Managing Director Northern Europe, Diageo

Sophie Souied
PGlobal Chief Customer Development Officer,
Personal Care Unilever

Aysun Zaman
FMCG Marketing and Buying Director, Migros Turkey