Female Executives in CPG & Retail Industry in Europe

The LEAD Network’s ground breaking new benchmark study


In 2017, the LEAD Network conducted a gender diversity benchmark study – the first of its kind – to measure the number of women holding executive positions in retail and consumer goods companies in Europe.

Thirty companies took part in the research. The results provide quantification of the number and ratio of women at the top of the sector and a breakdown of the type of roles they are performing – data that have been lacking until now. Such information is vital if businesses are to develop an understanding of where they are compared to their peers, and how much further they have to travel to reach equality of opportunity for women. We intend to repeat the study every two years, in order to chart progress. The aim is for this new research will help LEAD Network Partners to develop a roadmap and action plan to advance female leadership within their organisation. The study also contains examples of best practice, which can be used to shape diversity policies and initiatives, ensuring our industry becomes the industry of choice for female candidates.