LEAD Network Gender Diversity Scorecard 2023

Conducted in partnership with EY, the Gender Diversity Scorecard tracks the proportion of women holding executive positions in the Consumer Goods and Retail industry across Europe.

The aim of the scorecard is to accelerate the journey towards gender parity by helping companies benchmark their performance against their peers.

Gender Diversity Scorecard
  • Questions are focused on inclusion, as well as gender diversity.
  • Participation is free of charge, and the questions are easy to complete!
  • Answers remain confidential and results are reported in aggregate format only.
  • Companies will be invited to take part between April 17th and June 30th, 2023!
  • Results will be announced at the LEAD Network Conference in October 2023!

LEAD Network Gender Diversity Scorecard 2023

An introduction video by Hanneke Faber, President of Global Nutrition and member of the Executive team at Unilever

LEAD Network Gender Diversity Scorecard

*Percentage of senior executive positions held by women.

We hope you will decide to take part so that we can gain a comprehensive picture of gender balance across the European Consumer Goods and Retail industry and bring about real change!

If your organisation wishes to participate or would like further information, please email education@lead-eu.net

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