LEAD Network Gender Diversity Scorecard 2023

Conducted in partnership with EY, the Gender Diversity Scorecard tracks the proportion of women holding executive positions in the Consumer Goods and Retail industry across Europe.

The aim of the scorecard is to accelerate the journey towards gender parity by helping companies benchmark their performance against their peers.

This year, companies were invited to take part between April 17th and July 14th!

Gender Diversity Scorecard

What were the results?

Our scorecard reveals that 37% of senior executive positions the consumer goods and retail sector in Europe are now held by women, which is slightly up on the figure of 35% recorded in 2021, and significantly higher than the 25% seen back in 2017. For retail alone, the figure this year is 35%, while manufacturing is leading the way with 38%.

LEAD Network Gender Diversity Scorecard 2023

Percentage of women holding executive positions in the Consumer Goods and Retail industry across Europe.

Gender Diversity Scorecard 2023

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Congratulations to our 2023 Gender Diversity Scorecard Award Winners!

Best In Class (Retail) – L’OCCITANE GROUP

OCCITANE Group’s remarkable achievements include achieving a 50-50 gender balance at the senior executive level and substantial progress in gender diversity over the past two years. Their well-thought-out initiatives, such as equitable professional development opportunities, gender-neutral parental policies, strong focus on STEM careers, and data-driven decision-making, go beyond compliance and set a remarkable example.

Best In Class (Manufacturing) – UNILEVER

Unilever’s impressive achievements include 40% of global vice-presidents being women, a significant increase in women representation at director level and above in Europe, and practices like factory-based staff inclusion in pay equity studies and robust succession planning.

Up and Coming – RECKITT

In the ‘Up and Coming’ category, our esteemed partner, Reckitt, emerged as the undisputed winner. They have demonstrated their commitment to gender diversity through initiatives like pay equity studies, structured sponsorship programs, and an intersectional approach to inclusion.

Thank you to all those companies that took part this year. You have helped us to gain a comprehensive picture of gender balance across the European Consumer Goods and Retail industry!

For further information, please email education@theleadnetwork.net

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