The LEAD Network Inclusive Leadership Programme is a unique, virtual development programme which aims to develop and empower senior leaders from across the European retail and CPG industry.

Participants are guided through a learning journey which takes place over eight-months, during which time they will explore what it really means to be an inclusive leader, gain a deeper level of self-awareness about their current skillset and create a personalized skill-building development journey. The programme brings leaders together from across the sector to participate in collaborative ‘learning circles’, supported by bite-sized expert content and real-life sector specific case studies delivered as part of webinars.


The LEAD Network Inclusive Leadership Programme is an immersive, multi-format, virtual learning experience that has been specifically designed to leverage the signature traits of inclusive leaders (based on Deloitte’s research findings). Running January-June each year, the course comprises of the following:

By taking part in a series of 5 engaging webinars, participants gain access to a range of subject matter experts and business leaders who will be sharing their expertise, experience and personal stories, with concrete takeaways.

The course includes access to bite-sized, inspiring and practical content in our virtual space, where participants can connect with fellow course companions and learn from one other as they begin to apply newly developed skills.

Participants will join a virtual learning circle with a selection of peers from our Partner organisations, which allows for diversity in action and enables a rich learning experience.

The LEAD Network is committed to supporting participants through the entire learning lifecycle and as such, commits to providing an enriching learning experience, resources and guidance on how to approach personal development. However, the programme has been designed as a self-directed learning experience, with participants in charge of their own destiny. The more you put in, the more you get out.


According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2021, the time required to close the global gender gap is 135.6 years. The LEAD Network refuses to accept this trajectory and believes that accelerating progress is possible. Through strategic collaboration and intentional action, we can build a brighter future where people of all genders are able to contribute to their full potential. Achieving this vision is dependent on developing and empowering the next generation of inclusive leaders.

In addition, research indicates there are a wide range of compelling reasons for why inclusive leadership matters.


Participating in this programme will enable participants to:

  • Develop their skills as an inclusive leader to enhance leadership effectiveness
  • Broaden their network, learning with peers from across the European retail & CPG industry
  • Build their own development support community
  • Join a growing community of inclusive leaders across the sector, who are driving change

Participants join a growing community of inclusive leaders helping to create safe and inclusive environments where people of all genders can thrive. In recognition of this journey, participants receive a shareable digital badge on successful completion of the programme.


The Inclusive Leadership Programme is free of charge and exclusively available to Corporate Members only.

The programme is aimed at those in senior-level positions who have a passion for D&I, scope to scope to drive organisational culture change, and who can commit 4-6 hours of their time per month.

Recruitment takes in place in the autumn each year via a self-nomination process. Partner Ambassadors are responsible for promoting the programme within their organisation. Interested/prospective candidates are therefore encouraged to apply through the application link.

For enquiries relating to the LEAD Network Inclusive Leadership Programme, please contact education@lead-eu.net

Participant Feedback

“This course couldn’t have come at a better time in setting me up for success with starting a new team. One of the best things I have done since my time with LEAD and Waitrose”

“It has left me feeling more empowered to lead in an inclusive way and hopefully help others on their journey to doing so too”

“Learning circle discussions have been very rich and made me much more self-aware, broadened my perspective”

“It changed my personal view about D&I. I realized that change begins with myself and still I have lots to change about myself”

“D+I Leadership is great leadership, full stop. Consciousness, Curiosity, Collaboration, Courage are applicable to everything we do… the programme has forced me to explore and discuss the topic more widely within our business, having conversations I would not have had before…I have moved from unconsciously incompetent, to just beyond consciously incompetent”