Learn to code. Change the world!

Inge Peters

July 2017

Country Manager / Co-Owner, Code Avengers.

Can you tell us about Code Avengers and the work that you do?

Code Avengers is a New Zealand based organization that creates interactive online computer coding courses and classroom material. We offer online training in highly useful programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python, and make sure learners can directly create their own website, tools and games. We also run international summer code camps and after-school code clubs and organize in company professional development workshops.

In your view, why is coding such an important skill?

Basic coding skills are great since you have the ability to quickly develop or change small programs to help you do specific jobs more quickly or efficiently, for example in marketing or finance. And it is also just fun to create your own webpage, for example. But more importantly is the development of digital skills, which involve more than coding: it is about analyzing opportunities, teamwork, problem solving, looking at innovations. And these skills will help teams working together on opportunities.

At the LEAD Network Event in November you will leading a coding workshop – what can attendees expect to take away from your session?

The workshop at the LEAD Network event will be a fun and interactive experience. We will introduce some basic coding skills, concepts and insights. And of course attendees will have the opportunity to code a working webpage or minigame.

When you’re not teaching the world to code, what do you like to do in your free time?

I In my free time I enjoy sailing, traveling, reading and coding a fun project: I am now working on my final project for CS50 (online computer science study) for which I created a series of small games that in a playful way help children learn a foreign language.