As part of our mission to advance the careers of women in the European CPG and retail industry through education, business development and leadership; the LEAD Network Mentorship Programme forms part of our exclusive offerings available to Partner organisations. High-potential mentees are matched with experienced senior leader mentors from across the European retail and CPG industry for an immersive experience that takes place over an 11-month period. To support participants through their mentoring journey which runs October-September, and to leverage the benefits of being part of the LEAD Network community; the programme includes an interactive kick-off webinar, personal development sessions, access to a community of fellow mentors/mentees, and a personalised user-friendly interface via ‘Mentorloop’ for messaging, scheduling, goal-setting, resources & on-demand support’


Mentoring is well regarded as a strategy to aid career development. Yet because men are more likely to hold senior positions and have networks that are predominantly male, women are at a disadvantage when it comes to accessing high-level business professionals.

As part of our vision to drive greater gender-balanced leadership across the European retail and CPG industry, the LEAD Network Mentorship Programme offers a unique solution. High potential mentees are matched with experienced senior leaders from across the retail and CPG sector. Our cross-gender, cross-company, cross-country approach to matching helps to broker valuable inter-company leadership connections and facilitate important external industry perspectives. Our Partners tend to agree and rated the LEAD Network Mentorship Programme as the second highest valued offering (out of 20 products and services available) in 2021.


Year on year, participant feedback indicates there is added-value for both mentors and mentees alike.

Mentee Benefits

  • The opportunity to gain an external & neutral confidant
  • Gain fresh advice and a broader sector perspective
  • Build your network outside your organisation
  • Gain skills, knowledge and confidence

“This is the first time I have had a mentor from outside of my organisation and I have really seen the benefits of being able to be 100% open without worry of judgement, gaining great external insight and examples and really driving me to take action. I would highly recommend the Programme and can genuinely say that it has made a real difference to both my personal and professional life”

Mentor Benefits

  • An opportunity to pay it forward
  • Share your experience and directly contribute to developing the next generation of female leaders
  • Gain fresh next gen insights
  • Enhance your personal and professional skills

“I am enjoying the experience fully. As we come from different industries and regions, our exchange is mutually beneficial. Also, it helps me see how to best connect with Women in STEM, and how to support them in their leadership development…mentoring is a growth opportunity for the mentor and for the mentee, and a unique chance to take time off the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, to reflect on leadership, competences, strengths and, ultimately, our humanity and vulnerability. Thank you LEAD!”


The LEAD Network Mentorship Programme is exclusively available to Corporate Members only.

Recruitment takes in place in September each year via a nomination process. Partner Ambassadors are responsible for coordinating nominations on behalf of their organisation. Interested/prospective candidates are therefore encouraged to speak to their company Partner Ambassador.

For enquiries relating to the LEAD Network Mentorship Programme, please contact mentorship@lead-eu.net


Fiona Liebehenz

Fiona Liebehenz

Director International Key Account Professional Power Tools eCommerce Europe & Asia-Pacific at Bosch.

“The program has been a significant boost to my career development. While I have experience as a mentor and mentee within a company, I have never thought of building such an open, supportive and collaborative relationship with someone outside.  As the mentee, I still feel that it is an even distribution of topics and knowledge sharing that stimulates unique discussions and ideas, several of which have been successfully implemented. Starting a year ago, I still feel that there is so much more to discuss and learn and that this relationship will last”.

Brian Sharp

Brian Sharp

Global Growth Leader at Sonoco

“This has been one of the best mentoring experiences of my career.  As the designated ‘mentor’ I can say that I am getting as much ‘back’ as I am putting into the relationship and it has really taken off.  One of the coolest parts of the relationship is that I have established a connection with a business leader who shares my passion for transformational ideas and to that end, I seek and regularly gain prescient advice and blinding insights which I incorporate into my own work effort.  It is a two way relationship that will stand the test of time.”