SuperPowers NOW

Turning our individual or company skills
and behaviors into SuperPowers
to eliminate gender inequality – now.

We each have the power within ourselves
to make gender equality and inclusion a reality by taking actions,
every day, however small we may think they are.

Why the SuperPowersNow Initiative

The SuperPowersNow initiative helps the LEAD Network to fulfil its mission and is especially important in times like these to drive the right decisions and actions for gender equality.

  • By equipping individual members to discover their skills as powers to unleash action.
  • By creating a platform to educate, share and promote the right skills and behaviours.
  • By activating through the LEAD Network channels SuperPowers as a movement for driving collective action in the industry.

What are SuperPowers

  • Opportunities: give time, focus and attention to gender diversity, enabling equality to rise
  • Expectations: set individual and organisation targets on enacting gender equality & inclusion and track progress
  • Habits: share and reinforce new practices to drive gender parity turning them into new habits
  • Beliefs: challenge, inspire and help change to a gender parity mind set
  • Courage: help and inspire individuals to strive for what’s possible.
LEAD Network SuperPowers

How do I start?


Learn about your SuperPowers – how to use them and how to make them stronger.

What are your SuperPowers?


Encourage other people to use them too.


Start making a difference every day… in your team, in your organisation, across your industry… and in your daily life

Superpowers interview series

An interview with

Rola El Chami

founder of Survivor For Women


interview by Tugce Aksoy
Senior Global Brand Manager Magnum Ice cream

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A Powerful story on Courage

LEAD Network Supply Chain Webinar

Doing not Trying – SuperPowersNOW in action webinar

Recruiting for Balance



  1. Leandra Silva

    With my superpower I’ve created a female network within my company that has now more than 3000 members.

  2. Sylvie Noel

    With my SuperPower on Beliefs I could lead a team of passionate individuals who drive the change in Mondelez – Together we drive Impact in the workplace so that everyone feel they belong.

  3. Anke

    With my superpowers (motivation and empathy) I empower people and businesses to recognize their unique potential and bring diversity to the next level.