LEAD Marketing Committee meets up to SPREAD.ADVANCE.CREATE!

5 Questions to the LEAD Network Marketing Committee

1. Tell us about yourself and what motivates you to be engaged with the LEAD Network.

Fiona: I have taken over the Chair of Marketing Committee role in October 2017, after being a member of it for almost one year. I’m thrilled to work together with a team of highly engaged volunteers to bring our LEAD Network mission alive, communicate, advance, and share it to make the LEAD Network the leading voice for D&I in our industry. It’s all about “Doing not Trying” to advance women and men in our FMCG industry and make gender equality a reality.

Van: “I love being part of the LEAD Network as it helps me to connect to the most inspiring and leading women and men in the CPG and Retail industry. As someone who is still quite at the start of a career, the people I encounter at LEAD Network motivate me to become better and do more at each step of the way.”

My reason is… to contribute to making a difference to women in achieving their full potential in their careers, and to offer a forum where women can share and learn from each other’s successes and failures.

I support the LEAD Network because just like in the digital world, I made it my mission to bring down borders – whether they are formed by fear, self-limiting beliefs or conscious/unconscious bias. Borders create separation and that nurtures disparity. I want to help to #BalanceForBetter

LEAD Network is a great way not only to engage but also to learn with and from other leaders in the FMCG and retail industry. The mission to contribute to advancing diversity and inclusion within Europe is critical for all of us and especially the theme of ‘Doing not Trying’ describes for me the best way moving forward. That is also the reason why I’m a volunteer for the LEAD Network – I want to be an active part of the change for the better and not only a bystander.
Stefanie: I believe that not only diversity can enhance results and is essential for innovative thinking, but it is also very beneficial to one’s own personal development and growth. I am a strong supporter of advancing diversity in the workforce. But there is still a lot which needs to be done and therefore I am proud to be a member of the LEAD network to support its mission to attract, retain and advance women.

Elise: Elise is passionate about gender equality and inclusive workplaces. She recently produced ‘Life Lessons’ for the LEAD Network: the stories of 35 remarkable women in the LEAD Network who share their professional experience. It was this project that prompted Elise’s decision to stay involved in the LEAD Network as a volunteer and to continue making a positive impact on female empowerment. Members of the LEAD Network have already taught Elise valuable lessons for her career, whether it is taking the time to explore what she wants from work and life, seizing the moment, or recognising that some of the best opportunities can emerge from failure.

2. Who is part of the Marketing Committee?

Fiona Liebehenz, Head of Vendor Management – Pets, Amazon EU SARL
Van Nguyen, Communications & Pursuits Specialist, EY
Annelie Verstraaten, Interim Senior Marketing Manager, Merkwijs
Caroline Almeida, Director Public Affairs, Gilead
Elise Misse, Consumer Insights Manager, Nestlé
Olivia Sierota, Marketing Director, Papa John`s
Julia Hager, Digital Marketing & Operations Manager, Chep
Stefanie Gunia, Senior Consultant, Kalypso
Silke Trost, Global Marketing Director, Nielsen
Kaizo for PR & Media Support

3. Tell us a bit about the Marketing Committee, its mission, and the activities you’re involved in.

The mission of the LEAD Network is the advance women in the consumer goods industry. We create, advance, and spread the mission, and initiatives of the LEAD Network. Roles in the Committee vary across Branding, Content, Social Media, Website, Newsletter, PR & Media, Annual Event, and Local Chapters, completed by specific initiatives like the IWD campaign, CEO Pledge communication, and Gender Equality scorecard marketing. Additionally, we support other Committees in creating, advancing, and spreading the messages around their products & programs like the Mentoring Program or the Education Campaigns. 

4. What will the Committee focus on in 2019?

Our strategy for 2019 is the following one:




5. Where you have been proud of in 2018?

In 2018, we hit another landmark in professionalizing our processes. We have been most proud of: implementing our new website, professionalizing the marketing for our local chapters, increasing social media presence, having the best-rated annual event ever, launching our first Media & PR campaign that will be followed by a larger initiative 2019, constantly advancing our members with our newsletter, launching marketing guidelines for all the other committees, and supporting other committees in their marketing efforts.