LEAD UK Chapter Networking Event
Creating an inclusive culture to deliver diversity & drive business results

Tuesday, 15th October 2019, Manchester
Location: Kellogg’s Office

Hosted by Kelloggs and EY

Creating an inclusive culture to deliver diversity & drive business results

On Tuesday 15th October, Kellogg’s & EY hosted the first ever UK chapter LEAD event ‘up north’. Held within media city, Salford, there was a great turnout of well over 100. The theme of the event being ‘Creating an inclusive culture to deliver diversity & drive business results’.

The event was opened by Clare Walker, LEAD chair, who introduced the network, as well as the concept of ‘onlyness’ to the group. Chris Silcock (Kellogg’s VP & Market Head for the UK & Ireland) followed, sharing some personal reflections on why D&I is important to him, and sharing background on Kellogg’s visionary founder Will Keith Kellogg, who demonstrated D&I has been in it’s DNA since it’s beginnings back in 1906.

The first full session was given by Simon Feeke of EY, who shared a though provoking presentation on ‘the uncomfortable truth’. Lifting the lid on why D&I matters in the work place, and controversially, challenging the concept of a ‘meritocracy’. He provided lots of practical ideas for how to drive the inclusivity agenda within business.

A networking break followed, where the building was buzzing. All bran muffins and coffees were consumed, along with a tube or 10 of Pringles! After the break, we kicked off with 3 short presentations back to back. Gabi (IT lead) for The Co-op kicked off, sharing a brief history of The Co-op’s own D&I journey, and some really useful insight in to employee networks (keeping it simple!).

Sam Thomas-Berry (VP of European HR, Kellogg’s), sharing a brutally honest story of her experiences as a young person making her way in the world. She also talked about Kellogg’s D&I story, & where they are headed, as they accelerate focus on driving an inclusive culture, and delivering diversity. Ian Mumby (Director of Product Supply at Waitrose) was last up, sharing some inspiring examples of what Waitrose have done/ are doing to promote D&I. Particularly thought provoking was his perspective that conflict is not only helpful, but necessary, if we are to truly encourage an inclusive work place.

Following the 3 short presentations, Elaine Parr (Partner, EY) facilitated a content packed panel Q&A. Gabi, Sam and Ian all shared lots of interesting perspectives/ opinions on various areas of D&I. Why should men care about gender diversity? Are businesses missing trick if their senior women are primarily in ‘support function’ roles? What practical things have worked in advancing D&I?

The final part of the formal session was a short wrap up, by Chris from Kellogg’s. A great summary of the key themes throughout the day. Most of the network attendees then stayed on for a lovely selection of drinks & nibbles, including the very tasty beers made from a collaboration between Kellogg’s & Seven Brothers Brewers! Thanks to EY & Kellogg’s for a great event, and a big thank you for the free goody bags, including a tasty box of White Chocolate Coco Pops!