LEAD Turkey Chapter Networking Event


January 9th 2020

On January 9th, 2020, LEAD Network Turkey with Colgate Palmolive’s sponsorship hosted Bekir Agirdir, Konda Research and Consultancy General Manager and writer.

Colgate Palmolive Turkey General Manager Rauf Gurbuz welcomed guests and shared their corporate motto ‘Everyone deserves a future with a smile’ and values such as valuing employees, promoting global team working and continuous progress. Gurbuz pointed out that 66% of their employees are already women; specially in the leadership teams 68% are women.

Bekir Agirdir, said ‘woman issue is women’s demand and right to equality and justice therefore I am always on their side. The society’s culture of living together and desire should be strengthened, as well as supremacy of law. For the achieving social peace and tolerance, women should be part of life. This is not only politicians’ issue but all of us should challenge and intervene the status que.’

Agirdir, mentioned that woman issue is not a particular problem of a certain region, culture, religion but the a universal one.

He also underlined that working women ratio is still as low as 17%, white-collar working women is 8%. Agirdir added ‘we are stepping into a new age and within 50 years, women will take over the reign via woman mind, women heart and leadership’.