LEAD Network Germany Chapter Event – May 2018
Hosted by Deutsche Telekom, Bonn, Germany

LEAD Network Germany Chapter Event at Deutsche Telekom in Bonn – May 2018

The LEAD Network Chapter Germany hosted once again an inspirational educational & networking event.
The Deutsche Telekom Design Gallery provided an interactive insight into all aspects of how technology shapes our future influencing all areas of our lives, such as :

  • how we communicate with our home
  • how voice assistants enhance our lives
  • how personalized retail and seamless customer journeys help retailers to remain relevant for their customers
  • or a virtual reality flight to train your body.

The venue provided the perfect basis to get into the topic keynote speaker Antje Hundhausen, VP Brand Experience, raised: the Deutsche Telekom future. Antje has a passion for shaping the future of the company. She shared her personal stories about how she picks up relevant trends and adopts them into the organization.

During the discussion she also revealed her thoughts about future skills that will be needed. Surprisingly, Antje explained that shaping the future does not always mean you need to have the best technological know-how. However, she did insist that personal skills and attitudes, such as creativity, curiosity, self-initiation, persistence, empathy paired with collaboration, communication and networking, will be the drivers of change and shaping the future – those are the “killer” skills.

The participants had the opportunity to have a behind the scenes tour of the future work zone at the Deutsche Telekom, to explore their latest projects, before ending the event with a valuable networking session.


Antje Hundhausen VP Brand Experience at Deutsche Telekoms
LEAD Network Germany Chapter Event May 2018