BeLux Chapter Committee Members


Lidija Tislijar
Aurélie Ceuppens

I love to learn from others. It helps me to understand that people live their lives very, very differently and that we live in a world where different ideas and perspectives are key to solve the biggest crisis of our time. My mission in life and at work is to leverage the strength of diversity and the beauty of inclusion for a better future. I’m proud to be able to continue my mission through LEAD within our sector. I’m a big believer of #BetterTogeter. A better world for all of us, takes all of us!

Wellbeing & Diversity Manager
Ahold Delhaize

vice chair

Lidija Tislijar
Gregory Samyn

I’m proud to be leading together with our cross companies team impact for positive gender diversity in our local sector! Really inspire and educate others while challenging the status quo.

I’m a proud dad of two great girls that I would like to see growing up in a world of diversity.

HR Director

education & events

Lidija Tislijar
Géraldine Cols

I’m married and I have 1 daughter Juliette, I love to share good moments with friends & family, I’m passionate about Sales and I’m working for Mondelēz International.

One reason to join the Lead Network is a personal challenge to put down my own biases and stereotypes, better embrace openness to others’ opinions, perspectives and beliefs, all in pursuit of better work & life environment.

Customer Team Leader

education & events

Lidija Tislijar
Patricia Souza

My main purpose and goal, not only as a professional, but as an individual is to help in building a more equitable and inclusive world for everyone around me, thus volunteering has been part of my journey for the past 20 years, and DEI has come to me two years ago as a personal interest and soon became my career path.

Senior Human Experience Manager

marketing & communications

Lidija Tislijar
Marie-Adélaïde Defourny

Corporate Communications Manager

marketing & communications

Lidija Tislijar
Ruva Chinyemba

If my life’s work today was summed up in a phrase, it would be: “Breaking barriers for others to follow and thrive”. I am a business development expert and sustainability enthusiast energized by developing creative ideas and groundbreaking solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges – best summed up the SDGs. It is in this spirit that I decided to join the Lead Network BELUX Chapter committee, a team of like minded individuals,  determined to make their mark on diversity and inclusion in this region and industry.

A lot of barriers ought to be broken down for women to truly feel that they can be their best self in the workplace and bring forth their talents to the betterment of humankind. As a wise person once said: “Smart teams will do amazing things, but truly diverse teams will do impossible things.

Head Strategic Partnerships
Barry Callebaut

marketing & communications

Lidija Tislijar
Céline Reynaud

Passionate about the Retail and Consumer Goods sector, I have served companies in this industry for most of my career. I’m proud to contribute to the beginning of LEAD Network’s journey in BELUX and to have the opportunity to have a positive impact on my passion sector..

Proud mother of two teenage girls, sisterhood and supporting each other are important values to me.  I’m also convinced that the world works better when everyone is encouraged to be themselves and speak their truth.  Each of us, at individual level, has the responsibility to promote a culture of acceptance and inclusion.

Campaigns & Solutions Manager
Business Development

membership & CRM

Lidija Tislijar
Ine Peetermans

There are two things I love most about my job: one is chocolate, and the other one is bringing people together, and see what magic can happen! This is why I joined LEAD Network. Together with my committee members we can make things happen. Our aim is not only to increase awareness, but to have real impact and move towards a more diverse and inclusive workplace for everybody.

 “When we listen and celebrate what is both common and different, we become wiser, more inclusive, and better as an organization”.

HR Business Partner
Barry Callebaut

retailer engagement

Lidija Tislijar
Vanessa Perin

I have been working in HR for about 20 years, 6 years at Carrefour. I’m always impressed and delighted when I notice how people can be different and still live happily together. I believe diversity is not about revolutionising the way we are and act in our companies, in our world, because I believe this would lead to frustration, disappointment and … exclusion. But if we manage, through this group, to set small and continuous steps towards more and a better inclusion and acceptance for all, increase our partnership, openly exchange our idea’s and give birth together to guidelines for a better culture of acceptance (and also have fun together😉), we will have succeeded! That’s why I’m glad to have been ‘included’ in the BeLux Chapter.

Director Social Relations


Lidija Tislijar
Thomas de Jongh

As an employment lawyer and more importantly as a human being, I am passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion, in and outside the workplace. By bringing together different perspectives and ideas, we create equal opportunity and a more innovative and creative workforce – and just have more fun altogether!

HR Legal