Women at Work

A Blog series by Elise Misse

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Working from Home is the Future, Not a Fad

Those of us that are working from home during the Coronavirus crisis are fortunate, in many respects. We have an opportunity denied to many. The staff members out there on the front line – stocking shelves, making deliveries and aiding the sick – would presumably love the opportunity to type some words at their home desks. Let’s not pretend that home working is the greatest challenge facing the world during this global pandemic. However, we need senior figures in our businesses to understand the challenges of working and parenting. This is an opportunity to do just that. In essence, we have the opportunity to remould the corporate landscape. My thoughts are with anybody impacted by Coronavirus, and I sincerely hope that anybody reading this rides out this storm, with their family and loved ones remaining safe.

International Women’s Day – An Occasion to Savour

International Women’s Day – a day to celebrate women and their achievements, in every field – and to encourage the next generation of women to achieve everything they are capable of. The sad fact is, despite awareness of gender inequality in the workplace arguably being at an all time high, we are further away than ever. The latest World Economic Forum Gender Gap Report for 2020 claims that we are 257 years away from closing the gap. Last year, it was 202 years. What are we going to do change this?

Graduation is an Industry Game-Changer at the School for Leaders

In 2019, I attended the LEAD Network Conference. You can read my report on this critical and eye-opening event here. While I was fascinated and impressed by all the speakers at the conference, one, in particular, piqued my curiosity and left me wanting to know more. I am referring to Rami Baitieh, the CEO of Carrefour Spain. I was inspired by Rami’s speech on Carrefour’s School for Leaders program, and he proved to be equally inspiring company when we caught up for a telephone conversation.

Welcoming Women – Making the Workplace Equally Enjoyable for All

It is no secret that many workplaces experience a gender disparity in terms of staff, especially in senior roles. Countless companies, including my own employer, are taking steps to rectify this. Effective allyship from male colleagues is key. This is not just an issue for women, and it’s not merely a female-centric issue. It’s a problem for business as a whole. Companies are missing out on a wealth of opportunity and ideas by not taking women seriously.

Growing a Career in the Face of Adversity, Finding Balance, and Success

Connect Us is a Philip Morris International employee network dedicated to inclusion and diversity in the workplace and the construction of an empathetic business culture. Lee Woodruff, the guest speaker at our recent inaugural Connect Us event, met with our VP of Inclusion & Diversity, Melissa Whiting, for a conversation entitled, “Growing a Career in the Face of Adversity, Finding Balance, and Success”. It was an eye-opening discussion with some interesting take-homes.

We need to stop differentiating between male and female leadership. The only thing that matters is good leadership

It’s no secret that there are many advantages to being part of the LEAD Network. For me, one of the major perks was the opportunity to attend the annual network event in Madrid in 2019. The personal and professional highlights were varied. It was a packed day, filled with exceptional and thought-provoking content. To this end, I am keen to capture some of the take-home messages that really struck a chord with me.