• Why we chose the theme of Diversity Drives Innovation for this year’s LEAD conference

    This year we have decided to dedicate the theme of our annual conference to business innovation and how diversity is at the heart of driving creative thinking. LEAD Conference Diversity Drives Innovation - Discover the Connection will take place in Düsseldorf on 6th & 7th October.

    Innovation means to constantly evolve and to adapt to changing environments. An important requirement for the creation of innovative ideas is out-of-the-box thinking. This is clearly one of the biggest strengths of diverse working teams. Fostering a gender-diverse working culture helps to develop the full innovative potential of a company.

    As someone who has been lucky enough to live and work in many different countries and experience many diverse cultures, beliefs , people and thinking I deeply believe in the richness and power of diversity ; the creativity and healthy tension it brings into innovation and innovative thinking which can only deliver an even more powerful result for all.

    At this year’s gathering of LEAD members, we’ll explore how diversity is a key driver for innovation in Consumer Goods & Retail. In the face of disruption in our sector, we’ll look at why skills offered by women needed more than ever in CPG & Retail. LEAD is all about best practice sharing. We’ll hear from the LEADing companies on how gender diversity is transforming their businesses to prepare for the future. We’ll open our minds to new ways of working needed to gain a competitive edge and how gender diversity will help us move towards a more consumer-centric business model.

    Sandra MacQuillan, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Kimberly-Clark Corporation & Member of the LEAD Advisory Board

    April, 2016