LEAD Turkey Chapter Networking Event


May  2019


LEAD Network Turkey Chapter Monthly Event

Migros Brand Communications & CRM Director Kina Demirel:
“The more consumer-oriented you are, the more successful you will be …”

 LEAD Network Turkey Chapter hosted Kına Demirel, Brand Communications and CRM Director of Migros, on 3rd May at the monthly Chapter event. Kına Demirel spoke on ’Alice’s Test with Big Data’’, sharing a big data journey using Alice in Wonderland metaphors.

Demirel said ‘’The more you focus on the consumer, the more successful you will be. It is misleading to understand the consumer without also understanding the data. Instead of waiting to gather every piece of data you need, act fast with your existing data.”

Demirel reminded the group that it is necessary to use data to better learn and understand consumer interests and added that ‘’There is no time to wait. There are brands that have changed the rules of the game. Therefore, you need to watch consumer behavior very closely. Otherwise, your rivals can catch up and even overtake you. Be open to change, increase your creativity and trust yourself.”

“If you are not in contact with the consumer at least once a month, something will go wrong” continued Demirel and added “So, we must identify with the consumer. We must also be sure that the data we accumulate is evaluated correctly. For example, consumer complaints are a great source of data but many companies neglect to analyse these. It is crucial to delve into this feedback.”

Demirel pointed out the three critical values that consumers in Turkey care about most: ‘’family, health and time. The brand that cares about your family budget, delivers efficiency so you can spend more time with your family, and enables you to have a healthier lifestyle, will become an important brand in your life.”