LEAD Network Chapter September Member Bulletin


A Turkish Woman at the LEAD Network European Advisory Board!

LEAD Network started its operations in 2014 in the Netherlands which holds the presidency of Turkey Aysun Zaman, Elected to the LEAD Network European Advisory Board.  President of LEAD Network Turkey Aysun Zaman said: “I dream of a world that does not need women’s associations. Thanks to the LEAD Network, I am happy to see that there are many inspiring leaders and talented professionals in the retail and consumer products sector who share the same dream with me. LEADER Network Turkey Presidency, work has become one of the most important steps in the journey of my life meaningful. Fortunately, I will now be proud to be the first Turk in the LEAD Network European Advisory Board. I believe this is a unique opportunity to take concrete steps together in the concepts of equality, diversity and inclusion. ”

LEAD Network Annual Conference

You may find the details of LEAD Network Annual Digital Conference 6-7 October 2020 here: https://www.lead-eu.net/lead-network-virtual-conference-2020/


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CEOs Meet to Break Down Prejudices

LEAD Network Turkey, held its first digital CEO Roundtable event on 22 September. It brought together the esteemed 30 CEOs of the sector and domestic and foreign speakers. At the end of the meeting, President Aysun Zaman said: “You all have important women leaders working with your companies ; Just taking them into consideration is a very important step. When these women take the stage, they will inspire other women and break the prejudices in their own minds.”. “Selecting women leaders who will represent your companies in conferences, panels and seminars will be a very important step and we believe in this. We ask for your support in this regard, and if you identify these women representatives and share them with us, we are ready to provide them with trainings as LEAD Network.”

3rd Term LEAD to LEAD Mentorship Program

The first series of the mentee development program, which was added to the third term of the LEAD to LEAD Mentoring Program, will take place on October 9 and 16, with “Breaking unconscious prejudices” and “Lead fit” trainings. This program aims to bring together 44 women mentees who are certified by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and have experience, together with 44 women mentees who work as managers in leading companies of the sector, and support their participation in senior management and taking a more active role.

Management Center Turkey (MCT) to the Mentor training will be given by all our career and we wish to provide valuable contributions to the development journey.


Ümit Boyner, Member of the Board of Directors of Boyner Group, who supports important businessperson, gender equality, women entrepreneurship, sustainability and social entrepreneurship projects, became our guest on 30 September. In our webinar on “Gender Equality, Diversity and Corporate Governance”, we heard why it is important to look at the issue of gender equality from the perspective of not only societies but also institutions.

News from our members

Corporate members of our P&G Turkey, the Caucasus and Central Asia, Member of the Board and the Senior Director of Human Resources Bern Yen Aksu, Business Life magazine in her research, “50 HR Leader who Inventing the Future” in took place. As LEAD Network, we congratulate her and wish her continued success.

Our corporate member of Media Markt Turkey Chief Executive Yenal Gökyıldırım, has been appointed as COO of the company’s global Board of Directors. We congratulate him and wish him success in his new assignment.

Esra Altun, LC Waikiki International Commercial Director, one of our members, has been appointed as the E-Commerce Merchandising & Commercial Director responsible for the LC Waikiki Europe region. We congratulate her and wish her success in her new assignment.

Corporate Marketing and Communications Manager of our members Nielsen Turkey Gokce Ozer, Nielsen was appointed as Marketing Manager Eastern Europe. We congratulate her and wish her success in her new assignment.

Funda Kalemci, Nielsen Global Diversity and Inclusion Leader, has been appointed as Nielsen’s Global Diversity & Inclusion Leader. We congratulate her and wish her success in her new assignment.

Danone, one of our members of the Water, Human Resources Director Irem Onal, our corporate members to Turkey RBI team has made the transition as Director of Human Resources. We congratulate her and wish her success in her new assignment.

Corporate member of our Metro Turkey, which served as the Operations Director Sinem Türüng, was appointed as CEO of Metro Turkey. We congratulate her and wish her success in her new assignment.

 Turkey is experiencing significant changes in task A101 from retail chains. Erhan Bostan, who has been the CEO since 2010, opens the 10,000th A101 branch at the end of December and handed over his duty to Cem Maltaş.

The Gender Diversity Scorecard of the Turkey Chapter

Gender Diversity Scorecard for the first time in 55 specific sectors of retail and FMCG company’s involvement in Turkey. It was made under the leadership of LEAD Network Turkey.

The Gender Diversity Scorecard, held in 2-year periods, provides the opportunity to determine the number and proportion of women at the top level in the retail and consumer products sector and to compare them with the sector averages.

Why is it important?

  • It will allow companies to evaluate themselves by comparing them with the sector.
  • Help you develop understanding, goals and action plans to achieve equal opportunities

The survey is powered by LEAD Network global partner: EY.

To participate in the survey, it is enough to reach us at our iletisim@leadturkey.net

Survey results are shared anonymously only with you, except for the top two companies. Participation in the survey is free of charge and is realized with the support of LEAD’s global partner EY.

LEAD Network on Press

LEAD Network Turkey Aysun Zaman president of the European Advisory Board of the LEAD Network is selected, the media “LEAD European Network Advisory Board, a Turkish woman” took place with the news. https://bit.ly/34a8tb6

Our corporate member Nielsen APAC-EEMEA region Analytical Consulting Senior Vice President Didem Şekerel Erdoğan’s new position was featured in the media as “Global responsibility for a Turkish woman: Didem Şekerel Erdoğan” for the first time in Nielsen. https://bit.ly/2S92TQz

Director of Human Resources Nestle Turkey İlkay Kaynagacı, our corporate members of the media “Nestle Workers Prepares Global Career” took place with the news.