LEAD Network Turkey Chapter July Member Bulletin


Messages from the Chapter Chair

LEAD Network Turkey Chapter Chair Aysun Zaman celebrated Kurban Feast of the members. Please click the link for the whole message: http://www.leadturkey.net/baskandan-mesajlar/

LEAD Network Annual Conference

You may find the details of LEAD Network Annual Digital Conference 6-7 October 2020 here: https://www.lead-eu.net/lead-network-virtual-conference-2020/

We continue growing together

We are continuing to grow with total 650 members & 50 corporate members.
Please click for more information: http://www.leadturkey.net/uyelik/ 


During the month of July, we continued to bring together our valuable members and topics that we can benefit from during the COVID-19 period with our valuable members.

On July 14, we were hosted by one of our corporate members, Unilever, well-known courageous speech, writer, journalist and documentary director Tuluhan Tekelioğlu with the topic of “be the change you want to be ”.

On On July 21, national athlete, traveler, personal development expert and writer Nasuh Mahruki shared with us the tips of “surviving in difficult conditions- continuing to develop beyond survival.”

The Gender Diversity Scorecard of the Turkey Chapter

LEAD Network Turkey is moderating one of the important projects of the 2020. We invite all retail & FMCG companies to join the survey that will be measured the rate of women leaders in specifically at retail and consumer products sector in Turkey.

Please contact us to participate the survey: iletisim@leadturkey.net.

The survey is powered by LEAD Network global partner: EY

LEAD to LEAD Mentorship Program

The 3rd term was launched digitally on June 16 with the participation of our mentors and mentees.  Our mentees of 3rd term have shared their feelings and opinions about the program. Please click: https://www.instagram.com/lead_network_turkiye/

LEAD Network on Press

LEAD Network Turkey Chair, Aysun Zaman, has an interview with Dünya Newsletter columnist Yasemin Salih about LEAD Network’s activities. You can read the whole interview from this link: http://www.medyatakip.com/medya_sistem/yb_kupurgoster.php?gnosif=KtfLRDyvSiGLTkb_TKUazA..&mnosif=i2Xl2_4T_iM.&st=2

The webinar hosted by Unilever took  “TULUHAN TEKELİOĞLU WAS THE GUEST OF LEAD NETWORK” on pres. 

News from our Members

Our corporate member & mentor, Sales General Manager of Nestle Turkey Erdem Çakir has been promoted as Vice President of global sales at Nestle. We wish luck & success to him on his new role.

Our corporate member, Nescafe Marketing Director; Masterbrand & Mixes of Netle Turkey Burçin Alev Eski, has been promoted as Business Executive Officer CPW at Nestle Turkey.

European Network Member Platform

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Let’s celebrate some of the great work that is happening across the LEAD Network!
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