Netherlands Chapter Committee Members


Caroline Hoefsloot
Caroline Basyn

I am Caroline Basyn, SVP for Strategy and Transformation at PepsiCo Europe. My passion for Women’s development started in 1997, 12 years after I joined Procter & Gamble, when a more senior American leader in the company made me realize I had a mission to help drive the career of all women in IT in Europe. This was such a rewarding experience, followed by driving the Women’s development program for Bacardi and more recently by taking the leadership of making a difference for Swiss based women. In those experiences I have seen the differences and the unconscious bias that have disabled women to advance. I have also realized that every step we take makes a difference and that we all can contribute. I am inspired by the LEAD founders, as they scale all what we do, and make a bigger impact.

Senior Vice Present
Strategy and Transformation Europe



Lidija Tislijar
Piret Kusche

I’ve been part of LEAD Network for almost 4 years now, and had more than 25 years of my professional career at PepsiCo. I’m a big believer in truly diverse teams delivering stronger results, and determined we can do more to champion and support the future of female talent in FMCG and retail industries. Being part of such passionate teams of inspiring leaders and role models, I’m confident we will get a lot done.

Marketing Director

education & events

Caroline Hoefsloot
Franca Mercurio

I’m Franca Mercurio, RD&E Director EU at SC Johnson & I am part of the LEAD Network Swiss Chapter. I love LEAD Network mission; being a mother of 3 young girls, I like to think that an organization like LEAD will pave their future working lives by making sure D&I will be a natural value in any organizations. I am happy I can play a role in it.

Research Development & Education Director Europe
SC Johnson

marketing & communications

Caroline Hoefsloot
Anna Ruzmanova

I have joint LEAD last year as a representative of Nestle company in LEAD Switzerland Chapter Committee. I am very passionate about the LEAD Network mission and purposes, they speak to my heart. I believe that there are opportunities to help females to unleash their potential to the full and accelerate D&I agenda in Consumers Goods & Retail industries. Being a member of LEAD Network I feel we can make the positive impact across various organizations, working on it as joint force. The network I built at LEAD Network, the people I partner with are incredible source of inspiration and drive for me.

Head of Global Insights
CPW, JV Nestle and GMI

membership / CRM

Lidija Tislijar
Bilge Balci

I joined LEAD Network in 2014. I have mission to have positive impact on gender equality. I grew up in Turkey within a family supporting full equality, despite unconscious biases in the culture and have been living in Switzerland, where faced with challenges as a working mum. I truly believe in the diversity and equality driving better results for teams, corporates and communities. We all need to support and empower women to be at their best with confidence, give them the right possibilities and continue to show role models. I have two daughters and I hope all my efforts will enable them to reach their dreams with confidence and equal rights.

Global Consumer Business
Insights & Analytics Lead

membership /crm

Lidija Tislijar
Emma Nienkӓmper

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I joined the Switzerland Chapter committee but what I found was a group wonderful inspiring, ambitious and talented women. My main motivation are my children, I have a boy and a girl and I don’t want them to ever doubt that they have the same possibilities and opportunites.

Executive Assistant &
Engagement Specialist


Lidija Tislijar
Rosanna Summerville


Retailer Engagement

Lidija Tislijar
Olga Guerous

During 20 years in the global corporations I learned about the value that diversity and women development brings in the workplace. Today, as founder and CEO of Innopearl I continue to passionately promote hope and inspiration for all women to dream big, cherish their original thinking and serve as a force multiplier for societal advancement and freedom.



Lidija Tislijar
Sandra Kottenauer

I have seen throughout my career the power of truly diverse organizations in accelerating growth. I have also benefited from working for leaders who role modeled diversity and it has helped me a lot in advancing my own career. Now I want to give back and support women to grow!

Chief Product & Marketing Officer


Lidija Tislijar
Daniela Bottarelli

I’m Daniela Bottarelli – working in Sales @ Procter & Gamble since more than 25 yrs. I have been part of the Gender Equality journey inside P&G since end of the 90s, being many times the ‘1st & only’ woman sitting @ certain tables. I very soon realized that many of the elements impacting Women’s ability to reach true equality depend from external, cultural and societal factors which we can only address if we create a broader movement to drive awareness and then become very intentional on what needs to change. I also know that changing cultural norms and practices requires committment, strong passion and time. That is why I decided to become an active member of the LEAD Network: I hope in this way I can bring focus on WHAT needs to change to drive meaningful impact and also on HOW in terms of speed of action.

International Sales &
Management Senior Executive


Lidija Tislijar
Michael Achi

Senior Partner and Vice President
IBM Consulting


Lidija Tislijar
Evgeniy Akulich

Partner, Head of Consumer Switzerland


Lidija Tislijar
Paul Brown

Senior Partner,
Consumer Industry Leader
IBM Consulting