Member Survey Results

On behalf of the LEAD Network Membership Committee, a thank-you to all members who responded to our survey.

369 members sent us feedback – an excellent response rate! The respondents are diverse – in terms of nationalities, seniority levels, people working for Partner and non-Partner companies, and how long they have been a member of the LEAD Network. We believe the feedback is representative for the entire Network.

You gave us a treasure of insights. We are still analysing all your responses but wanted to share some initial insights:

You confirmed that LEAD Network has the right vision and mission statement, and that these are relevant for you in your career. So, we are focused on the right areas! You confirmed that LEAD Network activities deliver on the vision and mission, but that there are opportunities to do even better.

  • We have an opportunity to drive better awareness of all products and services that the LEAD Network offers – so you can leverage these in the best possible way. We have already adapted our Welcome Letter to new members to include key offerings.
  • Your feedback on the annual event and chapter events is very positive, but you also point out that we can do better on case studies or inspirational videos.
  • In terms of the portfolio of activities, there is a clear interest in more visibility of leading practices and capability building. We received similar feedback from our Partner companies. So, point taken … we know what to focus on!

All this feedback is reviewed with the LEAD Network Committees.  It will help sharpen our action plans for the next couple of years!

We also asked you about barriers to advancement of women. We never imagined such a rich response. We sifted through the data and discovered many common themes … Here are the three most-referenced obstacles:

  1. Work-Life Integration: insufficient programmes and resources to support choices, or lack of support from the manager, or the organisation.
  2. Lack of Self-Confidence: lack of belief in own capabilities and the courage to take risks.
  3. Unconscious Bias: leads to discrimination when it comes to promoting women to more senior roles.

While these are not new, it shows there is still great opportunity for individuals and organisations to do a better job of overcoming these obstacles. Our friends of the Education Committee are setting up a series of sessions to explore leading practices and solutions to break through these barriers. Watch this Newsletter for webinar dates.

If you have any further feedback or suggestions, feel free to reach out to us via:

Peter Beets

Chair LEAD Network Membership Committee