Poland Chapter Committee Members

Arkadiusz Nowak

Europe, Middle East and Africa Regional Tech Service Director, GSK

“Being a proud father of three daughters and one son, I must consider supporting diversity for their future. I am passionate about equal chances for talented people, inclusive environment, supporting diversified development and growth. As Polish LEAD Network Chapter member I will focus on sharing my professional knowledge and leadership experience to make this community successful”

Malgorzata Telus

Manufacturing Assoc. Manager, PepsiCo

“Being a LEAD Network member is a privilege but also huge responsibility to empower and expose talented women in my organization. I have a chance to have a real impact on their development by sharing with them a platform where they can find a lot of inspiration and best practices to bring their career forward.  For me LEAD is a journey of creating and developing an Inclusive culture by supporting diverse talent.”

Marzena Leszczynska-Chmiel

CEE HR Director, GSK Consumer Healthcare

“I have been partnering  with The LEAD Network for the last 3 years as Partner Ambassador for GSK. I am inspired by The LEAD Network mission and I have seen companies making great progress. Now I am thrilled to be joining The Polish Chapter.  I am keen to support the companies in Poland to develop the inclusive environment  with diverse teams. I believe that only by building a truly diverse organization where people fell comfortable being their authentic selves, the companies will thrive in this age of disruption.”

Sylwia Malachwiej

Key Account Manager, PepsiCo

“I do strongly believe that diversity is something that both sides, employees and employers, can benefit from. It is diversity that can lead to development and the growth of the team and further on the growth of the company. I am looking forward to working with all involved in LEAD Network and sharing our experiences.”

Michal Skup

Legal Adviser, Makro Cash and Carry

Katarzyna Kosel

Member of the Board, Makro Cash and Carry

Dorota Alaba-Paplińska

HRBP for CD, Unilever

Joanna Bohdanowicz

Central Europe Market Strategy & Planning Corporate Leaders, P&G

Katarzyna Lis

Snr Procurement Operations Director – Europe, Asahi

“Jim Rohn have said “if you really want to do something you will find a way; if you don’t, you will find an excuse”.

I want to help people to discover what they want and to have courage to want it; the rest is easy – they will find a way.

I am very excited to be part of LEAD Network as it will have a bigger impact on a wider group.”

Justyna Drozdz

Asset Management Back Office Team Leader, CHEP

Agata Paszkowska

Pricing & Market Research Senior Manager, Nielsen

Justyna Rymkiewicz

Communications Manager – Corporate Communications, P&G