LEAD Network Netherlands Chapter Event – October 30th 2019, Schiphol

Hosted by RB

Confident Inside and Out

On October 30th, 2019, another exciting LEAD Network Netherlands Chapter event took place at Schiphol, hosted by RB, LEAD Network Foundation Partner. Approximately 80 men and women gathered to participate in the workshop “Confident – Inside and Out”. This fun, highly interactive workshop, delivered by Matt Beresford and Penelope Waller from 4D Human Being, gave us some valuable insights and practical tools to increase confidence, to help maximize performance and to build great relationships.

What did we do?
During different exercises, we experienced the influence of energy levels, body gestures and breathing on feeling and appearing confident. For example, we practiced with telling a story at different energy levels from 1-10. The workshop was very useful and could be applied to daily life. During exercises, we needed to team-up and continuously switch partners which made the exercises all the more dynamic. There was a lot of energy in the room and many connections were made.

What did we learn?

  • Choose your intention and the energy level you want to bring to a meeting to get the desired outcome. You can make a conscious decision about how you choose to “show-up”
  • Stand with confidence and stability – with both feet parallel on the floor
  • Your body gestures follow your energy levels and the message you are delivering.  For example: If you choose to be ‘amazing’, you can’t keep your body ‘small’.

We would like to thank Francis Hoefman, Senior Vice President HR at RB and her team for organizing and hosting this spectacular event.