LEAD Netherlands Chapter Networking Event

Monday, May 27th, 2019

Co-Creation Roundtable of The Netherlands Chapter

SIM Supply Chain Information Management hosted a LEAD Network Chapter event in Alkmaar on May 27th. This roundtable event discussed one of the topics that were identified in co-creation with our 600+ members in The Netherlands.

Studies show that job sharing helps increase the number of females in executive positions and that fewer working hours do not have an impact on individual development.

Keynote speaker Eefje Dikker, Head of Human Resources at Daimler Financial Services, shared her experience and views on job sharing, the right conditions, and the opportunities it presents.

Key insights included:

  • Make sure that high-level jobs are advertised; include postings for executive positions
  • Hold network meetings where employees in a function can find out whether they can be a “couple”. One example: older male executives who wanted to reduce their hours were matched with younger, female talent.
  • “Advertise” role models in the company
  • For success, there has to be commitment and clear ownership of responsibilities by both job sharers.
  • Company supports with FTE count: up till1,5 FTE is considered 1 FTE
  • Performance evaluations are done with individuals
  • It’s important to tailor solutions to the women’s needs

Final conclusions:

  • Job sharing is a great tool to attract young professionals who want more flexibility, free time, and work-life balance
  • Companies need to create the right environment
  • From company standpoint – you can’t do it for everyone; you do it for your top talentThis event is fully booked!


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