This month’s Member Spotlight

 Janet Lung Standig

Janet Lung Standig

October 2016

I was at the LEAD Event last year I gained the inspiration and the courage to take the decision to plan an exit from my big global job at Danone in order to spend more time on my family and causes that I care strongly about. It felt scary to go into the unknown. I benefited from the support and encouragement from the other LEAD members on my journey. One year on, I am proud to say it was the definitely the right decision. There are many things to celebrate.

My son achieved straight A’s in his first set of public exams – I am proud to say I was there during his study leave. My mother-in-law’s health condition stabilised as we intervened with the appropriate care in time when my husband moved back to England. After putting his own career on hold for 3 years to support my Danone adventure in the Netherlands, my husband is now enjoying his job on a prestige British defence programme.

I concluded my chapter at Danone with record results and a strong strategy managed by a team of diverse talents. As I trained and handed over my responsibilities to my capable successor in the last months, I was able spend more time to promote Diversity and Inclusion, including attending the United Nations Women Empowerment Event in New York; participating in the LEAD Champion forums and the Scorecard committee.

In the next few weeks, I will be having some special “me time” at the IMD business school in Lausanne, Switzerland to focus on my personal development, compose my unique leadership melody to contribute to the Symphony of a Better World.

Thank you LEAD! I needed the right nudge at that critical point of my life.

All the best,
Janet Lung Standig