This month’s Member Spotlight

Adriana Vazquez

Adriana Vazquez

November 2016

Adriana Vazquez, Global E-Commerce Director, Diversey Care

My name is Adriana Vazquez and currently I work as Global E-Commerce Director for Diversey Care which is part of Sealed Air Corporation. I consider myself a result of diversity, being born in Brazil from Spanish parents and married to a German.

I have been always interested in different cultures and how management is similar and at the same time different in many parts of the globe. Therefore I focused my career in international management.

Since early age, I learnt foreign languages and dreamt about working in multinational companies and traveling around the world. Even being a Brazilian woman coming from a low middle class family- I always believe everything was possible if you work hard and stay focused

When I finished my studies as a chemical engineer I looked for jobs that could me offer international exposure and I accepted a job as Junior Consultant in a large consulting company.

Initially, I was part of regional projects and after 3 years I got my first international assignment. After a few years in Europe, I got an offer to work in a regional role in a big consumer products company B2C company and gladly work there for a few years. However, my eagerness to know more about B2B business drove me to accept the offer to join Diversey Care in 2007.

I have always fought for diversity in the workplace and was lucky to be part of projects with presence of many different nationalities which brought a lot to my professional and personal development and I can ensure you can reach the best results when you promote a diverse team with diverse ideas.

I like challenges and I was never afraid of taking them: I could do project management or sell a project or work in Marketing. I always executed my tasks with passion and desire to succeed and when I fail and fall, I stood up again with a few learnings.

When doing my job, people always see that I like to do something more, therefore at Sealed Air, I was invited to be part of the Women Initiative Network Steering Committee. Our mission is to Attract, Retain and Progress women at our company. After 2 years I was appointed as head of the committee and under my leadership, my team have increased the number of worldwide employee resource groups in more than a 100%.

In my opinion, Women employee resource groups are a very important tool to promote diversity at all levels of the company.

In my opinion, One of the major challenges women and men face in the workplace today is what we call the ´worklife balance´, therefore it is very important that everyone get engaged in this conversation and invest on initiatives like for example remote working- with all the digital tools we have nowadays is it really important to avoid that people stuck in traffic and lose time of their lives?

I like to be a role model for all women who have a dream to grow. I believe if I could get to where I am today, anyone could. With Good will, passion and faith.