CEO Pledge

Lila Group becomes the first company in Turkey to sign the ‘CEO Pledge’

Lila Group, export champion in its industry and Turkey’s leading manufacturer of hygienic sanitary paper, is blazing a trail. Lila Group has become the first company in Turkey to sign the ‘CEO Pledge’ of LEAD Network. The corporation commits to increasing its number of female employees with 5 percentage points by the year 2023.

Alp Öğücü, CEO of Lila Group, commented: “Research has been conducted on the contribution of women to the Turkish economy and the challenges encountered by female employees in business life. Unfortunately, the outcome is far from promising. Among OECD countries, Turkey ranks at the bottom of the list of female employment, with 34%. Lila Group has always adopted a position in favor of gender equality, and we shall continue to do so. I am glad and honored to announce that we pledge to increase the number of our female employees by 5 percentage points by the year 2023.” Öğücü further stated, “We are segregating and increasing the fields of operation and positions in our manufacturing facilities where women are able to engage. Therefore, I have no doubts that we will accomplish our objective within the shortest time.”