When we gathered for the monthly meeting of LEAD Turkey , we were ready to meet a successful businesswoman and learn from her experience but she exceeded our expectations . Thanks to Angela Cretu , General Manager of Avon Turkey and Vice President of Africa and Middle East ,who did not only share her story but motivated and inspired us all with her sincere speech as well.

Here are some headlines from her speech and answers to our questions:

  • “ To accept the fact that nobody is my master and I am no body ‘s masters brings freedom from pleasing and making compromises .”
  • “ I needed to adapt my management style in accordance to the culture I am working in. My management style in Romania was different than the one in USA or Russia.”
  • “Simplify the definition of happiness. The more simple it is the more happy we are . “
  • “You don’t need to change your values to deal with office politics but you can adjust behaviours in order to maximise your impact . “
  • “A good leader is an enabler, connector and multiplier.”
  • “ To have a trusted partner is your support system at work . This partner may be anyone, your husband, sister, mother or a very good friend. “

As the chapter chair of Turkey , I am happy to announce that we managed to established a core, dedicated group who believed in LEAD ‘s mission . Sharing best practices, meeting role models like Angela motivate us all to get involved more in LEAD .

Fusun Tavus