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2020-12-08 NextGen Chapter

NextGeneration 3rd intervision pilot session

2020-12-01 Poland Chapter

Lead your own career

2020-11-25 Supply Chain Chapter


2020-11-24 UK Chapter

It’s time to define the future of people data in a successful and diverse workforce – a global study with an international panel discussion.

2020-11-20 France Chapter


2020-11-17 Germany Chapter

Virtuelles Teambuilding – Eine Einführung

2020-11-04 Spain Chapter

Future Thinking: Cómo transformarte en tiempos de incertidumbre?

2020-10-30 Germany Chapter

How to charge your energy and your community

2020-09-22 UK Chapter

The Changing Consumer

2020-09-15 LEAD Network

Unlimited Potential: Flexible working on the shop floor

2020-09-15 LEAD Network

Understand your markets to support recruiting for balance

2020-09-15 Netherlands Chapter

Overcoming challenges to achieve a successful career

2020-09-15 LEAD Network

How you can take ownership to create gender equa workplaces

2020-09-08 Supply Chain

Recruiting for Balance in Supply Chain

2020-07-20 UK Chapter

Recruiting for Balance

2020-07-15 Spain Chapter

2 Perspectivas y 100 aprendizajes. Charla personal sobre la gestión del teletrabajo en el postconfinamiento

2020-07-14 LEAD Network

Speed Mentoring with Mindset Coach, Susie Ramroop

2020-07-09 France Chapter

Diversité et Inclusion dan le RGC

2020-06-30 LEAD Network

Building the New Normal

2020-06-24 Switzerland Chapter

How can women leverage their natural strength in the New Reality

2020-06-23 Supply Chain Chapter

How to successfully implement S&OP and IBP Processesy

2020-06-17 LEAD Network

Leading with Agility & Empathy to prepare for the New Reality

2020-05-27 Supply Chain Chapter

Covid-19 and Supply Chain Resilience

2020-04-30 UK Chapter

The new face of leadership

2020-04-21 LEAD Network

Grow your Pie – performance is only one piece

2020-03-27 LEAD Network

Engaging your business in D&I with sophisticated data analysis

2020-02-25 LEAD Network

Wising up to Women

2020-01-28 Switzerland Chapter

Power of Networking


2019-11-08 LEAD Network

How emotions impacts performance and business results

2019-10-22 Supply Chain Chapter

Building a continuous improvement culture – our journey at innocent

2019-10-15 LEAD Network

What does your personal brand say about you?

2019-10-01 Switzerland Chapter

In-store management addressing the unconscious male bias

2019-09-30 LEAD Network

Modern retail – a nation of part-time shopkeepers

2019-06-17 LEAD Network

Flexible working and your culture – friend or foe

2019-05-23 LEAD Network

Gender-neutral parental leave and how it impacts our people an business

2019-04-11 LEAD Network

All about confidence – shifting the nature of the conversation about confidence

2019-04-04 Switzerland Chapter

Empowering parents to successfully juggle career and caring is critical to women’s advancement

2019-02-15 LEAD Network

Confidence matters – how Nielsen is growing the next generation of women leaders

2019-01-24 Supply Chain Chapter

Trends and innovations in logistics – getting ready for tomorrow

2018-12-18 LEAD Network

Lean in circles – be unapologetically ambitious


2018-12-07 Switzerland Chapter

The importance of role modelling

2018-09-25 Switzerland Chapter

Inclusive leadership – acting on unconscious bias

2018-09-08 Supply Chain Chapter

How do I reinvent my supply chain for the digital age

2018-06-18 LEAD Network

How to engage men in gender diversity