LEAD Network Chapter Committee

Questions to the LEAD Network Chapter Committee

1. Tell us about yourself and what motivates you to be engaged with the LEAD Network.

In order to make sure to service best the Chapters, we are a binome leading the Chapter Committee (Cecilie Westh, Marie Lalleman). We see our role as coordinator of local and functional chapter leaders efforts to drive the development of LEAD Network in Europe. We believe in the power of sharing Best Practices, across countries, across chapters and across committee to maximise impact and leverage the amazing ideas and actions from all chapters leaders.

2. Who is part of the Marketing Committee?

Following shortly

3. Tell us a bit about the Chapter Committee, its mission, and the activities you’re involved in.

The role of the Chapter Committee is to support the local and functional chapters to activate the LEAD Network mission:

  • Work with and for the chapter leads, creating cross country/cross chapters teamwork to:
    – Systematize sharing of best practices between the chapters to accelerate progress
    – Identify multipliers of progress & document core programs/processes roadmaps
  • Align on measurable goals and reward progress to results
  • Bring guidance & support how to expand/open new chapters,
    – facilitate cross country networking to support new chapters and to implement new local events
    – Bring recommendations to Executive Committee of where and when to open new chapters

Current scope: local chapters and functional chapters – currently:

  • 6 local chapters
  • one functional chapter
  • 1 new local chapter open in 2018: NL
  • Preparing local chapter opening in 2019: France

4. What will the Committee focus on in 2019?

Our strategy for 2019 is the following one:




5. Where you have been proud of in 2018?

In 2018, we hit another landmark in professionalizing our processes. We have been most proud of: implementing our new website, professionalizing the marketing for our local chapters, increasing social media presence, having the best-rated annual event ever, launching our first Media & PR campaign that will be followed by a larger initiative 2019, constantly advancing our members with our newsletter, launching marketing guidelines for all the other committees, and supporting other committees in their marketing efforts.