The Women Behind The Numbers at the LEAD Network Event 2018

It is with excitement that we announce the workshop The Women Behind The Numbers confirmed in our Programme of the LEAD Network Event 2018 “Diversity and Inclusion: Doing Not Trying”.

With their everyday decisions, women have the power to influence not only their households but the economy at large. So who’s ready to spend? Who’s window-shopping? Who’s saving for the future? How do we feel about our job prospects? How do women behave versus men? What is the big secret?

This year, with our theme “Doing not Trying”, we will to explore The Women Behind The Numbers, a workshop showcasing Nielsen data on women’s media consumption, as well as purchasing behavior, drawing a portrait of women’s everyday investments—specifically how they spend their time and money.

This workshop will be presented by Marie Lalleman, EVP Managing Director Global Client Strategic Lead, at Nielsen and Cecilie Westh, the Market Leader for the Nordic countries at AC Nielsen. Nielsen’s research into consumer behavior allows you to connect with women, to hear their voices and learn more about their daily media and purchasing patterns. Over the years, Nielsen has studied how women approach these everyday investments, and our data paints a picture of women as empowered consumers and economic powerhouses.

If you want to know how impressive we (women) are and how much we contribute to the economy, join us at the LEAD Network Event 2018. By better understanding your consumers and the challenges the industry faces, you’ll be better able to contribute with the right solutions.