• Interview with Anna Alex (Founder & Managing Director of OUTFITTERY GmbH)

    Name: Anna Alex

    Title: Founder & Managing Director of OUTFITTERY GmbH

    Can you tell us a bit about your background and your role?

    I was born and raised in Hamburg and studied economics in Freiburg and Paris. I knew very soon that I wanted to start my own company at some point, so I started my career at Rocket Internet, where I was also working for Zalando. Here I also met Julia Boesch, with whom I founded OUTFITTERY in 2012. As managing director, I oversee the areas product and operations, while Julia manages marketing and finance. 

    Why is diversity important for you?

    The world is a huge melting pot and I believe we can only profit from each other’s experiences and culture. In order to be innovative, you have to leave your comfort zone, with includes the common and the known! 

    Tell us about something innovative you've done recently related to diversity?

    I’m a Power Mentor for “Girls Gearing Up”, an initiative for girls aged 13-17 from all over the world that focuses on empowering girls because there is still a too few female leaders in the world. Their goal is to equip girls with the necessary leadership skills and inspire them to use their voices so that they may be equally represented in the conversations on every level of society. During their summer camp, the girls came to Berlin and visited the OUTFITTERY office to learn about building your own company. I try to encourage more girls and young women at every opportunity I get to follow the entrepreneurial path, as Julia and I have! We always say – if we could do it, every other girl can, too! 

    How important is diversity within your organization?

    At OUTFITTERY, we have 300 employees who come from 30 different nationalities. This is fantastic as it results in so much creativity and ideas from all over the world being brought together in our office and for our mission. This international spirit is what makes the “OUTFITTERY vibe” so special. Diversity is thus deeply embedded in the company culture and I wouldn’t have it any other way! We also see that we have a lot of strong women applying to OUTFITTERY, especially for management positions. We have a female quota of more than 50% in the management team, and around 60% in the entire company.

    August, 2016