Foundation Partners

“As a leading global retailer, Ahold Delhaize acknowledges that Diversity & Inclusion is fundamental to our business success and growth. Everyday, we strive to be an inclusive place to work where our associates reflect the markets we serve, where their voices are heard and valued, and they can grow and contribute to the fullest. We are proud to actively support the LEAD Network.”

Sarah Chartrand, SVP Global Talent, Leadership & Diversity
Ahold Delhaize

Coca-Cola European Partners offers consumers some of the world’s leading beverage brands; having diverse and talented people is a key ingredient of our success. Different people, with different ways of looking at the world, all working together to create a company culture for people to thrive and to help us stay one step ahead. Women advancement has been a core part of our inclusion strategy and we are proud to collaborate with LEAD and other partner organisations to attract, retain and advance more women into the retail and consumer goods industry in Europe.”

Maria Kokkinou, Vice President, Talent Acquisition, Management & Development,
Coca-Cola European Partners

“The Coca-Cola Company’s global diversity mission is to mirror the rich diversity of the marketplace we serve. Diversity is at the heart of our business. Women in leadership and gender diversity have long been a passion of mine. I am inspired by the amazing women in our industry and encourage those who want to lead to be empowered, authentic and driven by their values. We are proud to support the LEAD Network in its mission to attract, retain and advance women in the retail and consumer goods sector in Europe.“

Julie Hamilton, Senior Vice President & Global Chief Customer and Commercial Leadership Officer,
The Coca-Cola Company

“At EY, we believe 217 years is too long to wait for economic gender equality – that’s the World Economic Forum’s latest estimate. We’re determined to close the gap, by accelerating women’s progress in our own workplace and helping our clients do the same. That’s why we support LEAD, and are committed to its goal of providing a place where influential individuals can connect, share ideas and build momentum for change.

Elaine Parr, Partner, Ernst & Young LLP

“Having been a member of LEAD Network since its foundation, I highly recommend and value its initiative. LEAD Network broadens my horizon through peer exchange, not only in leadership but also in consumer industry topics. Further, actively participating in the network motivates me on my journey as a female leader and inspires me to be a role model for other women.”

Danica Siemer, Director Market Strategy & Planning Central Europe
Johnson & Johnson Consumer

“At Nielsen, we understand that diversity and inclusion is a global business imperative. It is crucial that our organization’s diversity reflects the markets that we measure and represent to our clients through Nielsen services.”

Marie Lalleman, EVP Managing Director Global Client Strategic Lead, Nielsen

“We are delighted to continue our support to LEAD Network as a founding partner. This year we want to accelerate progress towards a more equal and inclusive workplace, by engaging more men inside and outside our company and shining a light on unconscious biases that hold us back. As leaders, managers, fathers and partners, their influence and support are critical change the conversation, which in turn will help drive women’s leadership and advancement. We are committed to DOING our part in partnership with LEAD to make a meaningful impact in our industry and society.”

Béatrice Dupuy
Vice President – Sales and Israel, West Bank & Gaza, Procter & Gamble

“With our Foundation Partnership, we have the opportunity to learn from other companies and see how we can re-apply. Also, the network accelerates the results we can achieve. Really making a difference can only happen when we collaborate for this bigger purpose;
LEAD Network contributes well to that collaboration.”

Francis Hoefman, SVP HR Hygiene/Home