Committee Spotlight LEAD Network 2018 Conference Committee  – Newsletter June 2018

By Sharon Jeske, Chair of the LEAD Network Conference Committee

This year’s LEAD Network Event is developed by the members of the LEAD Network 2018 Conference Committee. Find out more about the committee and their ways of working.

What is the role of the LEAD Network Conference Committee?

The LEAD Network Conference Committee is a group of volunteers who work together to develop the programme of the LEAD Network Event. We work under the spirit of “by the members, for the members”. The Committee meets on a monthly basis to design the programme of the Innovation Workshop, conference plenary and interactive breakout sessions, plus all the networking activities taking place such as the “Networking Workshop”.

Who are the volunteers that make up the Committee?

The Committee is made up of a group of passionate members of the LEAD Network. The composition of the Conference Committee changes every year depending on where we hold the event. As we are in London this year, we’ve invited locally based members to bring their experiences to the table and help us develop the content of the event through the lens of the British market. To ensure we make the bridge to other committees of the LEAD Network, we’ve invited representatives from the Education, Marketing and UK Chapter Committees to join the 2018 Conference Committee.

What is the theme of this year’s LEAD Network Event?

The theme of the LEAD Network is “Diversity and Inclusion: Doing Not Trying” and our annual European conference will also be dedicated to this theme. Doing not Trying means we go beyond the talk and ideas to look at concrete actions. The end objective is to share the leading practices so together we can elevate women in our industry. The LEAD Network 2018 Conference Committee welcomes all of our members to join us in London on November 15th  & 16th .

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LEAD Network 2018 Conference Committee: Johanna Lee Sadik, Christina Taylor, Mick Broekhof, Silke Trost, Sharon Jeske, Janet Standing, Louise Kristensen (missing from photo: Ana Bostan, Laura Halfas and Ecaterina Safarica)