LEAD UK Chapter Networking Event
4th December 2018 – London
Location: Innocent Drinks, Fruit Towers, Ladbroke Grove, London W10 5BU

LEAD UK Chapter Networking Event “Authentic Leadership”

The LEAD Network UK Chapter organized the Chapter event Authentic Leadership, on December 4th in London hosted by Innocent Drinks Ltd.

Innocent Drinks Ltd. hosted our largest LEAD Network UK Chapter meeting with around 100 attendees at their unique location, Fruit Towers, London.

Douglas Lamont, CEO of Innocent Drinks, opened the meeting with a presentation on their overall strategy for promoting Authentic Leadership. It was a very genuine presentation of what they have learned and how they have adapted to challenges. It was fantastic to have a male supporter of the LEAD Network providing practical examples of what and how Innocent Drinks are embracing the LEAD Network and its mission.

Myriam Cohen-Welgryn, Regional President of Mars Petcare Europe and a member of the LEAD Network Advisory Board, wore her iconic red glasses and gave her thoughts on what was important in her journey and how, despite being advised many years ago about her red glasses being too bold, she was determined to make them her signature look. It is interesting to hear that, despite her determination and unique approach to problems. She experienced something that we are still seeing today. A unique feature of her presentation was that she draws from all of her characters.

Our final presenter was Deborah Bee, the Group Creative & Marketing Director of Harvey Nichols. Deborah explained why Harvey Nichols had become Holly Nichols for a month, and the reason for this marketing campaign. Deborah talked about Harvey Nichols support of the 100th anniversary of the unprecedented window smashing campaign that took place around London’s West End on 1st March 1918 to focus attention on the campaign for voting for women. Harvey Nichols made the unusual decision to ask someone to smash their window in recognition of the brave, but it caught the media’s attention, and any action that draws Gender Pay Gap, Diversity and Inclusion into the headlines is a good thing.

The LEAD Network UK Chapter has the largest membership, and has seen over an increase of 309 members in the last 12 months. Sam Simister, Future Development Director at Innocent Drinks, highlighted that the UK strategy is still a working document, but we would update the members on our progress at each meeting.