Silver Partners

“Diversity and inclusion are not a dream, but rather a journey, preparing the future generation and leaders to more equality in accessing education, jobs and prosperity. Diversey is proud to inject fresh air in LEAD’s sails.”

Ilham Kadri, President & CEO

“At Kalypso, we firmly believe that diversity generates better performance. We have been sponsors from the very start of the Network.”

Mick Broekhof, Partner,
Kalypso & Secretary & Co-Founder, LEAD Network

“At Mars, we are strongly committed to supporting a work environment that enables our “Associates” to be themselves at work. Embracing the diversity brought by our “Associates” is at the core of our culture. I am excited to continue our collaboration with the LEAD Network as our partner to learn from each other and thrive together. I am convinced that we can jointly contribute to step change diversity & inclusion in our industry.”

Myriam Cohen-Welgryn, Regional President Mars Petcare Europe