Silver Partners

“Diversity and inclusion are not a dream, but rather a journey, preparing the future generation and leaders to more equality in accessing education, jobs and prosperity. Diversey is proud to inject fresh air in LEAD’s sails.”

Ilham Kadri, President & CEO

“At Kalypso, we firmly believe that diversity generates better performance. We have been sponsors from the very start of the Network.”

Mick Broekhof, Partner,
Kalypso & Secretary & Co-Founder, LEAD Network

“At Mars, we are strongly committed to supporting a work environment that enables our “Associates” to be themselves at work. Embracing the diversity brought by our “Associates” is at the core of our culture. I am excited to continue our collaboration with the LEAD Network as our partner to learn from each other and thrive together. I am convinced that we can jointly contribute to step change diversity & inclusion in our industry.”

Myriam Cohen-Welgryn, Regional President Mars Petcare Europe

“We are inspired by the LEAD mission because it is clearly supported by a wealth of research proving that the business case for diversity and inclusion in the workplace is irrefutable. It is no coincidence that an inherently diverse workforce leads to better financial and business performance, better reputation, better consumer connection and market share, better innovation and better and broader talent. This deserves our dedicated focus and attention” ”

Connny Braams, Executive Vice President,
Unilever Benelux