Mentorship Programme

MENTORING Round 2018
After successfully introducing Mentoring for LEAD Partner Organisations in 2016 we are happy to announce that we will, with the support of MENTORS from our partner organisations, offer this wonderful opportunity for developing female talents in the retail and consumer goods industry in this year again.

The Mentoring Programme will last 6 months from May to November 2018.  Each LEAD Partner offered the Mentorship Programme will have the chance to nominate a female Mentee and a Mentor!  The Mentoring process will be steered and supported by the LEAD Education Committee.

Here a few impressions from a former Mentee:

Why I believe mentorship is important for women?

Mentorship has helped me personally significantly in the last years. To communicate with someone who has more professional experience and has already been exposed to similar situations supported me in my personal and professional development. The view from a different perspective, questions you don’t expect, hints, tips and the possibility to expand your network have strengthened me and let me grow. I can only recommend that anyone who wants to develop themselves further should look for one or more mentors.

What I got out of mentoring?

Mentoring is for me a give and take. Before I started with a mentor we agreed on goals we wanted to work on. With my first mentor I focused strongly on leadership and I learned to reduce my perfectionism. With another mentor I have learned what it means to continue working on my professional development during pregnancy and with a small child – and with my current mentor we focused on my next step in career development.

By Laura Halfas, Head of Corporate Responsibility, METRO AG, Germany

the journeys

Beverley PeelingBeverly Peeling, Head of eCommerce EMEA, Kimberly-Clark Professional

“Reflecting back, it has now been just over a year, since the exciting news that I had been selected by my Leadership team – to have the external mentor opportunity with the LEAD Network. It sounded great, but what was this LEAD Network, and what could I expect from the programme?”

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Journey of a LEAD mentor by Mick Broekhof, cofounder of LEAD Network & Managing Partner of Kalypso

Beverly and I never met in person until the annual event in Amsterdam, ten months after we first introduced ourselves over the phone. During our monthly calls there was never a moment that I missed seeing the other person’s body language. It never came up. The distance may even have helped reinforce the confidentiality of what we discussed.

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