Gold Partners

GSK supports the LEAD Network because we know that diversity drives innovation, performance and trust. The positive feedback from our partnership in the US has now resulted in a European initiative whereby we will connect 100 GSK men and women with their colleagues in over 70 retailers and 130 FMCH/G companies. Let’s bring the outside in, let’s embrace diversity , let’s talk about it and let’s make this an even better place to work .”

Line De Decker, VP HR, Europe and Americas,
GSK Consumer Health

“Those who want to translate consumer needs in management decisions, cannot ignore diversity. The conditions are favourable: There are plenty of women in the talent pipelines.”

Veronika Pountcheva,
Senior Vice President METRO AG

“We believe in building a workforce that reflects the diverse consumers and communities we serve. As such, we celebrate diversity and look to utilize the strength of our teams’ different perspectives, experiences and backgrounds. LEAD is a crucial partner in further cementing our commitment to building a truly gender agnostic organization.“

Sergio Ezama, CHRO, PepsiCo Europe Sub Sahara Africa,